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Hugos is happy to offer 2 different brunch selctions over your weekend. A Select Menu on Saturdays and a special Brunch Buffet on Sundays.

Saturday Brunch 11am-3pm
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Birria de Res tender beef in its broth, mirasol peppers, tomato, onion, cilantro, tortillas 14

Tortitas de Lentejas lentil cakes, guacamole, rajas con crema 9

Carnitas de Pato duck carnitas tomatillo sauce, tortillas 13

Cachetes de Puerco en Manchamanteles pork cheeks with fruited mole, tortillas 14

Ceviche Verde lime cured snapper, tomatillo, cilantro, cucumber, jalapeño, green tomato 15

Ceviche de Atún tuna ceviche, avocado, mango, papaya, roasted pineapple 13

Pulpo al Carbón grilled octopus, onions, peppers, chipotle tomatillo salsa, tortillas 14

Lechón braised tender suckling pig, crisp skin, habanero salsa, tortillas for rolling 13

Taquito de Langosta small lobster taco 11

Queso Flameado with wood grilled steak, onions, mushrooms and rajas 13


Ensalada de Aguacate y Mango avocado and mango salad with blue cheese and pumpkin seeds 10

Sopa de Elote y Poblano corn and poblano soup 10

Lechuguitas Orejonas baby romaine, asparagus, pumpkin seed Caesar dressing, blue cheese 10

Sopa Azteca tortilla soup flavored with dried chipotle peppers 9


Huevos Rancheros | two crisp corn tortillas topped with refried beans, grilled hanger steak, fried eggs, salsa de tomate, herbs and cotija cheese 16 *

Huevos Tarascos |4oz. grilled tenderloin served over fried tortilla with chipotle tomatillo sauce 18 *

Huevos Poblanos| poached eggs over sweet corn bread with roasted potatoes and asparagus 13

Chile Relleno de Almuerzo | poblano stuffed with egg, chorizo and potatoes, topped with tomato sauce, served with arroz a la Mexicana and refritos 13

Torta del Día | traditional sandwich appropriately dressed and made with telera (Mexican baguette.) Ask your server for today's selection 13

Filete con Huevos Divorciados | grilled tenderloin served with refried beans, two poached eggs with red and greens salsa 19 *

Huevos Motuleños | crispy tortilla topped with refried beans, two eggs sunny side up, ham, peas, queso fresco, fried plantains and habanero salsa 13 *

Huarache con Huevos | large sandal-shaped masa cake topped with refried beans, queso fresco, salsa de ajo and chicken served with two eggs sunny side up 13 *

Chilaquiles | Hugo's totopos bathed in tomatillo salsa with chicken and topped with two eggs sunny side 13 *

Caballeros Pobres | Mexico's version of French toast served with a small fruit salad 12

Enchiladas de Pollo | [2] chicken enchiladas topped with Chihuahua cheese and your choice of tomato-chile, green tomatillo or mole sauces, served with arroz blanco and refritos 17

Chile Relleno | one chile stuffed with chicken and Chihuahua cheese, served with arroz a la Mexicana and frijoles a la olla 15

Tlayuda | oversized blue corn tortilla stuffed with grilled chopped skirt steak and housemade Oaxacan quesillo, served with arroz a la Mexicana and small watercress salad 17

Carnitas | tender slow cooked pork served with salsa Mexicana, cilantro and onions 18

Barbacoa | lamb marinated in chiles, onion, garlic and avocado leaves, then slow roasted in agave skin and served with chopped onion, fresh cilantro and warm tortillas 25

Cabrito | roasted goat meat pulled from the bone, served with nopales asados, guacamole and salsa de habanero 27


*Some of these items are raw or cured with lime juice. If you have any chronic illness of the liver, stomach, blood, or have any Immune disorder, you are at greater risk of illness from raw proteins.

No separate checks, please -rev.9.27.14

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Sunday Brunch Buffet

10 am till 2:30pm


A Grand buffet loaded with typical regional Mexican dishes, delicious desserts and creative cocktails


Live music
by house band Viento
$31 per person /
$12 per child
(12 and under) food only

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