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Happy Hour Cocktails

[Available Monday to Friday from  2– 6]
-"Y Porque No" Margarita
-Sangria of the Day
-Classic Mojito

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Bar Bites- Offered Anytime

Coctele s  y  Ceviche s

try a miniature version of our famous seafood cocktails
  -Ceviche de Atún   -Ceviche-Pulpo
6 single 11 duo

Tacos Callejeros

an order of [3] rustic street tacos:
Carnitas de Pato - duck carnitas with tomatillo sauce
Cochinita Pibil - pork marinated in achiote
Cuaresmeños Rellenos de Chorizo - chorizo stuffed jalapeno peppers[Hugo’s favorite from Huatulco]
Pato en Mole Poblano - duck in mole Poblano 10.5


small masa pancake shaped like a baby’s shoe with various toppings to choose from:
- Refritos, Squash, Corn & Avocado
- Bistec & Rajas  -Carnitas 6


achiote rubbed tender suckling pig with crisp skin, habanero salsa and tortillas for rolling 11


mini pork meatballs bathed in chipotle sauce 6

Camaroncitos al Mojo de Ajo

small shrimp cooked with garlic and lime, served with two tortillas 8

Pulpo al Carbón

grilled octopus with chipotle tomatillo salsa & blue corn tortillas 8

Taquito de Langosta

our famous lobster taco 9

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